• Client:
    Cloud Age
  • Project services:
    Brand Identity, Logo Design

Project Summary

Cloud Age develops and delivers innovative digital, cloud and big data strategies.

The brief was to develop the company’s brand identity that represents a straight forward and focused brand who is well organised, reliable and with a direct message.

Brand Identity: How important is it?

The importance of a well developed brand identity is often overlooked and many businesses settle for that “Quick Brand”, purchasing cliché templates online or asking their local print provider to ‘whip’ something up. Sure this will save you valuable time and money, but you run the risk of failing to capture your business’s vital ingredients that are key to success. Lost are those important months you spent planning and perfecting the unique essence of your business and brand, simply becasue you chose speed over accuracy. In most cases, these options will also leave you with brand identity that doesn’t connect with the correct marketplace and that’s a real missed opportunity.

There is, of course, much more involved than just a clever logo and a distinct visual look to build a successful brand. However, choosing an experienced brand identity designer visually capable to articulate and capture the essence of your business and brand values, will form a solid foundation, and point your business in the right direction. Your brand will become memorable to the right target audience who will immediately associate your brand identity with your particular business or product. Thus, creating a long-term relationship between you and your customers.

Feel great about your own startup company and invest in brand identity that will visually articulate and capture the essence of your business and brand values.

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