• Client:
    Aussie Disposals
  • Services:
    Advertising, Catalogue Design

Project Summary

Aussie Disposals are an Australian owned outdoor equipment store providing quality camping gear, work clothing and military surplus for over 50 years. The idea behind each catalogue design is to engage the target audience with the Aussie Disposals brand and motivate them to visit their stores. Having a distinctive look, style and sound that consumers immediately associate with Aussie Disposals while communicating sale events with urgency and range and products with style.

Catalogue Design: Does Your Business Need One?

Catalogues are one marketing tool that no business can afford to pass up. With their versatility, catalogues can take the place of a number of expensive marketing media, allowing you to cut your budget without cutting marketing presence. At the very least good catalogue design is a tool to increase your customer awareness, sales and retention.

Combining catalogue design for print and new technology is the way forward. It’s no secret that almost everyone shops online and can do so all day long, but it’s usually only when they’re searching for something specific. Catalogues and magazines interrupt in a way e-commerce can’t. People have to physically handle it. When you flip through the pages and an ad for something or product interests you, then you go online to check it out. I like to say, ‘You search online, but catalogues search for you’.

Imagine walking through a brick-and-mortar store and seeing a real estate catalogue sitting on a counter or in a rack. Even if buying a house or renting an apartment is only just a half-thought in the back of your mind, you’re probably still going to grab it and take a look if the catalogue design is visually appealing. When used smartly and effectively, catalogue design for print can help greatly amplify the overall effect of a campaign.

Traditional media is still relevant and can really crank things up and stimulate people to interact with your brand. With targeted direct mail and eye-catching catalogue design you can pinpoint your audience and deliver something interactive and targeted into their home that can also drive traffic online.

Include your business in the everyday part of the customer’s buying habits and invest in high quality catalogue design that is purely based on your requirements.

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