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    Logo Design, Brand Identity

Logo Design

Successful logo design, at least from my perspective, has a lot to do with solving a puzzle that allows for many solutions. Some solutions are going to be great and others not so much, but if you develop the skills you need to play the puzzle, The art of logo design becomes really fun to solve.

Logo Design No.03 / Dublin: The Dublin logo was designed for a predominantly female horse riding clothing brand. The use of positive and negative space suggests that horse lovers put their horses before themselves, which is very common.

Logo Design No.04 / ARC Advisory Services: The brief was to design a new brand identity for a department within CGU Insurance who educate and support sellers on their products. Thinking of one of the strongest support structures know to man wasn’t that difficult and ARC was born. ARC Advisory Services logo was designed to symbolise the inside of a stained glass window that a frequently shaped as an arc.

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